as the rain of bubbles end

.. freedom of the bubbles will continue

bubblicous icons by riiiiiiiz
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bubblicous icons and profile codes for you :3
→ read&&obey; my rules

&&one. always comment when taking anything; i'd like to know who likes my graphics.
&&two. do not hotlink anything. upload onto your own servers plz.
&&three. critique is always welcome here, so don't be shy to speak out.
&&four. give credit! don't just take something you didn't do, that's stealing and it's bad.
&&five. don't bash anyone or anything on this comm
&&six. textless icons are not bases, unless said otherwise.
&&seven. enjoy and have fun !
background info&&if you'd please

★ rizza → it's underconstruction so bear with me :) i'm reading Twilight so i can't bother right now.
other details; if you may ←

this is bubbliicons, inspired by my love for miyako gotokuji of powerpuff girls z! it is her first graphics/tutorial dump and she doesn't want to swear within it's bounds. she wants it spotless clean. so don't forget to read and obey her rules and don't be too annoying when she starts asking for requests. her affliates are found over here, and if you want to affliate with her, just drop a comment. as for her resources, she has a lot of them and so to keep the profile clean, she has posted it over here. if ever she has forgetten to give credit, make sure to drop a comment over there and say so. she doesn't like stealing ;)

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